List of Local Businesses

Listing local businesses on our Website is done as a courtesy to the business owners and for the convenience of our citizens.  We do not advertise any business on this Website.
A through F
Name: Bryant's Brewery
Business Type: Brewery & Coffee
Address: 1009 Great Moose Dr, Hartland, ME 04943
Phone: 207-579-1444

Name: Dentures Direct
Business Type: Denturist
Address:38 Moore St. Hartland, ME  04943
Name: E.W. Littlefield Inc. & Sons
Business: Type: General Contractor
Address: 2715 Athens Road Hartland, ME  04943
Phone: 207-938-2661

Name:Earl's Repair
Business Type:Auto Repair
Address:549 Ford Hill Road Hartland, ME  04943


Name:Double Diamond
Business Type:General Contractor
Address:41 Bickford Hollow Road Hartland, ME  04943

Name:Dirt Works
Business Type:  Earthwork/Septic
Address:  640 Canaan Road Hartland, ME  04943
Phone: 207-938-3363

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G through L
Name: Family Dollar
Business Type: 
37 Elm Street Hartland, ME  04943
Name: Hartland Laundry
Business Type: Laundry Mat
Address: 30 Commercial St. 
Name: Hometown Pizza
Business Type: Restaurant
Address: 8 Commercial Street Hatland, ME 04943
Phone: 207-938-6388
Name: Irving Tanning Community Center
Business Type: Community Center
Address:62 Elm Street Hartland, ME  04943
Phone: 207-938-4456
Name: Jack in the Box Nursery
Business Type: Pre-School
Address: 97 North Street Hartland, ME  04943
Phone: 207-938-2159

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M through R

Name: Mammies Grill

Business Type: Restaurant

Address: 20 Pittsfield Ave.

Phone: 207-938-8443

Name: Moose Lake Market
Business Type: Grocery and Full Liquor Agency

Address: 67 Main Street Hartland, ME 04943
Phone: 207-938-4740

Ramsdell's Repair & Used Car Sales
Address: 145 Huff Hill Road Hartland, ME  04943
Phone: 207-938-2522


Business Type:
Web Address:


Business Type:
Web Address:

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S through Z

Name: Wright's General Store
Business Type: Hardware, Convenience Store
Address: 15 Commercial Street Hartland, ME  04943
Phone: 207-938-4876

Name: Sanfield Rehab & Living Center
Business Type: Rehab & Living Center
Address: 95 Main Street Hartland, ME   04943
Phone: 207-938-2616

Tasman Leather Group

Business Type: Leather
Address: 24 Main Street Hartland, ME  04943
Phone: 207-553-3700

Twitchell Garden kitchen and Winery

Business Type: Winery
Address: 52 Athens Rd. Hartland, ME 04943
Phone: 207-416-2774

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